Keith urban guitar lesson review

Keith urban guitar training provides an amazing package of a set of 50 pieces, which helps new budding guitarist, learn 30 different songs within 30 days. Keith Urban, the founder of Keith Urban guitar training is an American idol judge as well as a country music star. Mr. Keith lends his name to his guitar lesson packages and has been able to sell them through HSN.

Additionally, these packages have been promoted on most late night infomercials thus gaining popularity among different people interested in guitar lessons. The set provided consists of a guitar, guitar strap, 30 DVD lessons, 8 guitar picks, padded guitar case and polishing cloth among others.

Reviews on Keith Urban Guitar Training

Since 2013, various HSN guitars on social networks have posted several reviews regarding Keith’s guitar training lessons such as you tube. Generally, reviews on guitars are not positive as those of DVD lessons which are provided within the 50 piece-set. According to customers who have purchased the guitars, it has been stated that the guitars should be set up in a proper way to ensure optimal performance.

The process of setting up guitars involves the making of adjustments by a technician to ensure the instrument is optimized. These adjustments include neck adjustment, intonation, and pickup height and action among others. During the process, upgrades and replacement of several components are also made to ensure efficacy.

To set up the guitar, one has to be familiar with the processes to avoid complications. Furthermore, one can take the guitar to a technician who in most instances charge differently ranging from $25 to $100. Some commentators have stated that they have been pleased with the set while a large percentage of these customers are those who have the technical expertise of adjusting the guitars. 

Lessons and Benefits from Guitar Training

Keith Urban uses a simple and quick method to teach beginner guitar lessons and enables one learn what he or she desires at the right time. He uses an approach of song-to-song and this is done step by step to ensure proper understanding and internalization of the concepts.

Regardless of ones level of skill on guitar playing, these steps make it easy for one to follow. After mastering the skills, Keith Urban guitar training offers chances to winners to advertise their skills by sharing their videos on Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter. This enables one have fans and therefore acts as a stepping stone.


Keith urban guitar training package has attracted fledgling musicians due to its amazing features. However, its acoustic guitars have been rated as being average while the 30 DVD lessons have had a perfect review. This has been noted from several customers who have tried using the set.

Some customers have been able to improve the quality of guitars by adjusting minor components and by so doing they have had high quality pieces. Finally, one can access the set at fair prices and this can be done through the product website.

As any musician can appreciate, guitar training should not be taken likely if you intend to use for your career.